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Career and Life Management (CALM)

The aim of Career and Life Management (CALM) is to enable students to make well-informed, considered decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the well-being and respect of self and others. These, along with the extra activities of building individual portfolios, going on field trips to post secondary institutions, and attending the "cool jobs" guest speakers in the Career Centre, constitute the Career Directions addition to the basic CALM course.Some of the really interesting topics covered in CALM include relationships, health, sexuality, addictions, abuse, independent living, family budgeting, banking, saving/investing, work place health and safety, worker's rights, mental health, traffic safety, and job interviews.Please note:Students can use their CALM mark in their Grade 11 average for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship (worth $500 or $800 at Gr. 11).  It is not difficult to earn an excellent grade in CALM classes; in fact, some students earn 100% or close to it.  If you have an average of  70%  in 4 subjects, a  grade of 100% in CALM can raise the average to the required 75% - 80%.

CALM students go on a  field trip to NAIT and/or The University of Alberta where they take a tour and hear presentations about how and when to apply, what programs are available and about campus life.

The 5-credit time allotment, allows time for many guest speakers who are experts in their area and time for students to fully develop their career portfolios which are required to entrance into many programs at NAIT and some at the University of Alberta.


Leadership, Character & Social Responsibility 15-25-35

Be part of a team of students and staff that create, coordinate, motivate and inspire fellow JP Rebels to get involved in our school and community. Students will have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning that will shape them into leaders of the future. By working with their community as partners, students will learn the importance of social justice while discovering ways to help break down the barriers for themselves and others.