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Fine Arts

Dept. Head: Melissa Hamans

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Art 10-20-30
This program teaches you to develop your skills and builds your knowledge as you learn to develop your own art-making ideas. No previous experience is required to enroll in Art 10. Each level is a building block as you learn techniques, build personal art skills, explore and discover with media, and make art! If you love art and would like to do more, consider enrolling in the same leveled Sculpture course to complement your passion and learning.


Dance 15/25/35
At Jasper Place High School, you have the opportunity to join a community made up of students both new to dance and those already committed to the art form. Dance 15 is an introductory course designed for any student, regardless of their dance experience. In this class, you may explore many styles, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap and West African. You have the opportunity to gain technical skills and theoretical knowledge in these areas, as well as develop short pieces of choreography in small groups. In Dance 25 and 35, you will continue to be challenged with more difficult choreography, technique, and longer compositions.
Contemporary Dance 25
If exploring new movement is your passion, and you have a high interest in dance, you may choose to take Contemporary Dance 25. This course focuses on expanding contemporary movement skills and techniques, as well as creating new, original dances. You will begin integrating artistic elements, in order to create meaningful pieces of art.
Dance Composition 35
This course is designed for students with a dedication to dance, who wish to extend and enrich their study to include the processes of choreography, in a more in-depth manner. You will have the opportunity to experience the role of choreographer from concept/idea development, to casting dancers, to leading rehearsals, to the production designs, and finally, to the actual performance. Dance 25 is the prerequisite for this course.
Dance 15 > Dance 25 > Dance 35
Dance 15 > Contemporary Dance 25 > Dance Composition 35
(Or students could do Dance 15 > Dance 25 > Dance Composition 35)


Drama 10-20-30
In Drama, students explore a variety of theatre elements, developing performance and technical skills in the areas of movement, speech, improvisation, acting, theatre studies, design, playwriting and directing.
Performing Arts 15-25-35
Prerequisites: Audition and/or Interview
The Advanced Acting/Touring Theatre program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore several elements of theatrical production including acting, stage management, lighting, sound, make-up, costumes, and set design. Students develop their skills in a performance setting through participation in a major production. Different elements are emphasized each year, depending on the specific requirements of the production. This course is offered outside the regular time table.


Choral Music 10-20-30 (Concert Choir)
Singers in this course make up our JP Concert Choir! The purpose of this course is to help singers improve as a vocalist by focusing on vocal technique, musicality, theory, ear training, and sight singing. We look at various different types of choral music as well as contemporary, pop, and folk. We perform several times a year including Winter and Spring concerts, choral festivals, and occasional tours. No experience is required, just those that are willing to participate and learn new skills!
Instrumental Music 10-20-30 (Concert Band)
Concert Band is a course for the continuing band student who has a minimum of two years of study on a band instrument either at a junior high school or through private instruction. Through the performance and study of band literature and music theory, students will increase technical skills and gain competence in performing and appreciating music as an artistic form of expression.
Vocal Jazz 15-25-35 (Glee Club/Women's Choir)
Singers in this course make up two auditioned choirs, Glee Club and Women’s Chorus. You can be in one or both groups depending on your audition.
Glee Club is a mixed choral group that focuses on more advanced repertoire including choral music, acapella, pop, jazz, and show choir. Women’s Chorus is a 3 or 4-part treble choir that looks at various different types of advanced repertoire including SSAA choral music, acapella, and folk. Both groups perform several times a year including Winter and Spring concerts, Choral festivals, and smaller events throughout the year.
Instrumental Jazz 15-25-35
In addition to the rehearsal and performance of jazz music, students will focus on listening to jazz, improvisation skills, history and technique. This ensemble will consist of traditional jazz ensemble instrumentation (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, guitar and bass), as well as non-traditional instrumentation, including flute, clarinet, and valve trombone. This ensemble is open to students who are concurrently enrolled in Instrumental/Guitar 10, 20 or 30, and possibly by audition as the music director sees necessary.
Guitar 15-25-35
Never picked up a guitar? Know a few chords? Been playing for years?
The Jasper Place Guitar program is designed for guitarists of all levels and covers reading and playing notes, chord techniques including both open and barre chord styles, fingerpicking and strumming techniques, and the exploration of various musical styles from classical to rock. The opportunity to expand your musical experience is also available to those interested in singing or playing bass guitar, drums, and keyboard. The ability to play guitar is a skill you will use for the rest of your life. Don’t miss out. No experience is required for Guitar 15.
Audio Music Technology 15-25-35
Music Technology covers foundations, practices, and creative techniques in audio recording and music production. Through the use of various Digital Audio Workstations in the computer lab students will develop their musical potential in a range of areas such as basic sound recording, audio and MIDI editing, sequencing, processing and production, synthesis and sampling, effects and mixing and graphical programming. Student projects will cover everything from simple loop based compositions and voice overs all the way to fully produced songs and compositions. There is no prerequisite for the 15 level but musical experience is definitely an asset. 

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