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  • 2019-20 Registration


    For information regarding registration for the 2019-20 school year, please see the attachment.

    Registration 2019-20

  • 2019-20 Assessment Plan


    To view our school's 2019-20 Assessment Plan please click here:

    JPHS 2019-20 Assessment Plan

  • Jasper Place Resource List


    Assistant Principals (Main Office)            Counsellors (Student Services)

    A-C      Mr. Daniel                                                   Ms. Ryan

    D-He    Mr. Simpson                                                Ms. Puckrin

    Hi-Me   Ms. Paulino                                                 Ms. Lebeuf

    Mi-Sc   Mr. Ennis                                                     Ms. Freimark

    Se-Z    Ms. Whitefield                                              Mr. Chester


    ACCESS/Tutoring: Karen Chung & Jill Hooke (LRC)

    Career Centre: Jessica Corbo (Student Services)

    Success Coaches: (STAR Centre)

    Aboriginal Liaison: Lyle Tootoosis (STAR Centre)

    RAP & Work Experience: Pat Elliott (room 155)


  • Feed a Rebel

    news image

    To ensure Jasper Place High School students are well-fed and ready to learn, we have also created the Feed-A-Rebel Fund. This fund will support students to access healthy food items during the school day. In addition to approaching local businesses and hosting fundraisers, we are also asking our school community to contribute as well.

    Click to Donate!

  • Adjusting to High School: Tip Sheet for Parents

    news image

    Manage Expectations:  Your child is learning a lot more then his/her class material in the first semester.  He/She is adjusting to a new social and physical environment, new teachers, greater demands on his/her time and new assignments.  Expect your child to be tired and at times irritable and stressed.  Try to ensure he/she is getting proper sleep, nutrition and exercise.  His/Her grades may suffer in this adjustment period.  Help by lending an understanding ear, not setting expectations too high and coaching through stressful situations.

    Stay Close
    :  A certain amount of conflict and friction is normal and healthy in the teen years.  Try not to feel rejected.  Your teen still needs (and values) your guidance and support even if he/she is not showing it.  Aim to spend a little one to one time with your teen weekly.

    Get Involved: 
    Encourage your child to get involved with extracurricular activities that build on their interests and strengths.  Extracurricular activities help with self-esteem , confidence, social adjustment and look great on a resume.  It helps for parents to stay involved with the school as well.  As a parent, look for volunteer opportunities, parent nights and workshops for you at the school.

    Stay informed: 
    Parents shouldn't be afraid to ask teachers, Assistant Principals or Counsellors for a conference if they are concerned or have questions.  Touching base early on with your child’s teacher or counsellor is a good idea.  High school is the time when classes are important to future academic and career goals.  Check School Zone regularly to ensure your child is on track.  Attendance is a key to success.

    Time management and organization:
        New demands on time including part time jobs, transportation and extracurricular activities means a demand for increased organizational skills.  Day timers, good school supplies and downloadable apps can help.  Many students need to learn to break down large assignments and studying into manageable timed tasks, and plan their weeks and months in advance.  Parents can help by coaching students or getting help through the school counsellor, success coaches or tutors in the ACCESS room.  Help your child prioritize tasks and set limits on number of hours worked at part time jobs.

    The social shift from junior high to high school can be stressful and parents can help by making an effort to get to know new friends, asking where and with whom your child is going and encouraging positive peer groups.   Although you may not like all of your child’s friends, it is important to invite them into your home, get to know their values and how they think.

    Transitions are hard! The more love, support and encouragement you give your teenager in this time, the easier it will be in grade 11 and 12.