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We are committed to ensuring that every student experiences success and maximizes their learning potential. The classroom is the best place for learning but we realize that sometimes:

  • you need academic or social support;
  • you have situations that interfere with your learning and attendance (including valid personal or medical reasons);
  • you are missing a few credits to graduate; or
  • you have outside commitments that do not work with traditional schooling.

The ACCESS program supports students in Grade 10 by tracking attendance and making connections so students stay in school and realize success. It allows students to shape their learning to their current needs with guidance from an instructor. Students will be assisted in developing a plan which will look at providing additional resources in order to ensure that they are successful in their courses. Students may also access correspondence courses to assist with this plan.

The ACCESS Centre is open and available to all students during unscheduled time and can be a great place to work, read, use a computer, or study. Tutoring is offered on a daily basis during Block 0, lunch and afterschool. Come see us in the LRC between 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily.

Access Contacts

Karen Chung, Curriculum Coordinator

Jill Hooke, Educational Assistant