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Aboriginal Liaison: Lyle Tootoosis


(Located in Student Services)


What is the role of the Aboriginal Liaison?

  • Identify and work closely with all First Nation, Non-Status, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) Students
  • Work with teachers and staff to identify FNMI students in need of support
  • Provide access to community resources if needed
  • Provide mentorship and support to students
  • Build relationships and be a positive role-model


Providing Post-Secondary Connections

  • Provide information to students regarding Post-Secondary education
  • Connect students with Post-Secondary supports
  • Provide information about scholarships, bursaries, and other funding options
  • Provide opportunity for students to visit Post-Secondary sites
  • Provide students with access to cultural ceremonies, opportunities to practice Aboriginal culture and spirituality


Junior High Connections

  • Supporting grade 9 students with transitioning to grade 10


Advocating for Students

  • Contact students regarding absences, and any teachers, principals or administration referrals
  • Connect with teachers and follow up regarding students who may be having difficulty with attendance or academics
  • Work with teachers on understanding student behaviors and backgrounds
  • Connect with parents for further support with students