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ALERT: Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

School phone lines and emails remain open for communication with families.


Thank you

The students and staff of Jasper Place High School would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our community partners for their generous donations toward our Breakfast Club in the STAR Room. 

The Breakfast Club runs each weekday morning from 8:00-8:45.  Students can help themselves to cereal, toast, granola bars, fruit, yogurt and juice. 

The breakfast supplies are provided by a grant from PC Breakfast for Learning and the generous donations of food and gift cards by two of our local churches. The bread provided by BonTon Bakery is accessible to students throughout the day, so students who may not have a lunch, for example, can make toast and sandwiches to get them through the day. We all recognize the importance of nutrition and how it improves the ability to focus and learn in school. These donations are invaluable to many students who appreciate our breakfast selection and “toast station” to help sustain them through their school day. 

Further to providing sustenance, the STAR Room at breakfast and lunch has developed into a community of support and acceptance; a safe and comfortable place for our students to begin their day on a positive note.  Students have developed friendships with their peers.

In addition to peer relationships, our STAR staff is always here, building relationships with students and widening their circle of support.

The Breakfast Club and lunch supplies would not be possible without the generous donations of these community partners:

BonTon Bakery
Hosanna Church
PC Breakfast for Learning
St. Herman’s Church
A parishioner of St. Herman’s who makes a monthly donation of food or bus tickets

We are sincerely grateful for the donations from these partners.


Goals of the STAR Program


  • Promote positive mental health through programs, speakers, presentations and fairs
  • Reduce stigma so youth and families are not afraid to access mental health supports
  • Develop innovative and creative programming to meet the individual needs of the school - i.e., Classroom programs, presentations and groups
  • Promote a healthy view of education and facilitate success in school
  • Increased cultural connections for Indigenous students.
  • Successful transition into and out of high school



Our Mission

To promote mental and physical health in students by increasing the coping behaviors, knowledge and skills for youth to enable them to make better choices and adopt behaviors to protect their mental and physical health. Ultimately, we want to build relationships between students, educators and support agencies and be proactive in our approach to assisting students in developing life long skills.

The STAR Program is a Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative (MHCB). MHCB is one of Alberta Health Services’ province-wide, community-based programs offered to enhance the mental well-being of children, youth, families and communities in Alberta.


Wellness Coaches 


  • Act as mentors, supporters and advocates for students

  • Build strong relationships so students feel comfortable approaching an adult about their mental health concerns and make referrals to community agencies

  • Act as ‘go to’ mental health subject matter experts for students, staff, parents and community partners

  • Help students to feel connected to the school

  • Help students develop creative problem?solving and decision?making skills

  • Support youth with transitioning into a new grade and/or school

  • Support youth to develop a sense of identity and cultural awareness

  • Connect youth and families to outside supports/services

  • Increase knowledge, build skills and foster abilities that enable others to better their own mental health and wellness



Our On-Site STAR Team


Nancy Metcalfe                

Program Manager, STAR Program                      



Phil Eidick

Wellness Coach

Sheila Ferreira
Wellness Coach


David Campbell

Wellness Coach



Other On-Site Supports



Lyle Tootoosis

Cultural Liason



Roots & Wings: Oscar Sanchez & Brandi Fedorak

Mental Health Therapist: Daisy Lee

Addictions Counsellor: Lisa Kimmerly