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ALERT: Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

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Dept. Head: Kerry Harvey


American Sign Language 15-25-35

American Sign Language is a 3-year program that introduces students to basic ASL as well as Deaf culture and history. Students will develop expressive and receptive skills required to use ASL in their lives and in their future careers.

French 10-20-30

The French program promotes language learning and builds student confidence while focusing on the 4 components of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students have the opportunity to explore French culture by getting involved in a variety of linguistic and cultural experiences including field trips, guest speakers and movies. The 9-year program is for students who are continuing their French studies from junior high. At the conclusion of the 9-Year program, students will have the knowledge needed to complete the DELF B1 or B2 diploma.

Latin 10-20-30 

The Latin program at Jasper Place is a 3-year program that starts at the beginner level. This program promotes cultural and historical awareness while focusing on reading, writing and even speaking the language.

Japanese 10-20-30

The Japanese program starts at the beginner level and gradually introduces the student to speaking, listening, reading and writing in Japanese. With each level, students become confident in using the language. Students are exposed to the Japanese culture through field trips, guest speakers, in school cultural activities, watching anime, as well as historical and current movies.

Spanish 10-20-30

The Spanish program builds student linguistic confidence and cultural awareness while focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking. The 3-year program is for students beginning their Spanish language learning in high school. The 6-year program is for students who are continuing their learning from junior high school. 

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