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ALERT: Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning. Learn more. 


Fine Arts

Dept. Head: Melissa Hamans

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Art 10/20/30 - 5 Credits

The Art program is an opportunity for students to explore various mediums and techniques with an understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design.  They will develop skills that will further their abilities to represent themselves as artists, and help them represent their ideas successfully. The development of critical thinking skills for problem solving, the understanding of artistic process, the concepts behind the creation of artwork, along with the students’ personal vision of the world will be key focuses of Art class. Students will be expected to use the language of art as they discuss all kinds of work (historical, contemporary and their own.)

Art 10 Honours - 5 Credits

The Art 10 Honours visual arts program offers enriched criteria that helps develop artmaking skills, research skills, and critical thinking. Students delve into a range of concepts, projects and artistic directions which allow for the development of personal voice and theme investigation, while preparing a portfolio for either the IB or AP programs.

Art 20/30 AP

The AP Studio Art course is intended and designed for the highly motivated student that is committed to a serious and rigorous study in art. The AP Studio Art student is also highly interested in developing mastery in the concept, composition, and execution of their ideas, thereby, refining their own artistic style. An AP portfolio of artwork is compiled in lieu of taking an end-of-year AP exam. The AP portfolio encompasses three major areas; Quality, Concentration, and Breadth. In building this portfolio, students experience a variety of concepts, techniques and approaches designed to help them demonstrate their individual abilities, as well as, develop an aesthetic awareness. Students develop a more in depth understanding of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, a more comprehensive understanding of composition, focal point, and use of space, as well as mark making.

Art 20/30 IB

The IB Diploma Programme visual arts course encourages students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. It is a thought-provoking course in which students develop analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers. In addition to exploring and comparing visual arts from different perspectives and in different contexts, students are expected to engage in, experiment with and critically reflect upon a wide range of artmaking practices. Students are required to create a comparative study, analyzing the works of serval artists, a process portfolio and exhibit 4-7 resolved artworks with a written rationale.

Sculpture 15/25 - 5 Credits

The Sculpture 15/25 program is designed to assist students in developing skills and abilities in the visual arts, while engaging in an exploration of a variety of three dimensional materials. Students will learn a range of skills and methods to visual problem solve while learning how to analyze other works of sculpture through reading, discussion and critique. Students will explore geometric, abstract, representational and organic forms while acquiring knowledge of their own way of making art.



Dance 15/25/35 - 5 Credits

In Dance, students experience many styles, including Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap and West African. Students have the opportunity to gain technical skills in these areas, as well as develop their own choreography. Dance 15 is an introductory course designed for any student, regardless of their dance experience. Students in Dance 25 and 35 will continue to be challenged with more difficult choreography and technique.

Dance 15/25/35 IB - 5 Credits

The Dance IB program allows students with a high interest in dance to continue their study of dance in a more in-depth manner. The focus of the class is compositional work, performance, and a comprehensive world dance investigation.


Drama 10/20/30 - 5 Credits

In Drama, students explore a variety of theatre elements, developing performance and technical skills in the areas of movement, speech, improvisation, acting, theatre studies, design, playwriting and directing.

Performing Arts 15/25/35 - *5 Credits 

Prerequisites: Audition and/or Interview
*It is strongly recommended that students have participated in:

15- Drama 10;

25- Drama 20 or Performing Arts 15;

35- Drama 30 or  Performing Arts 25

The Theatre program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore several elements of theatrical production including acting, stage management, lighting, sound, make-up, costumes, and set design. Students develop their skills in a performance setting through participation in a major production. Different elements are emphasized each year, depending on the specific requirements of the production.



Choral Music 10/20/30 - 5 Credits

Choral Music is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their musical abilities in performance as a vocalist and covers vocal skills, music theory, history, ear training, sight singing, composition and choral repertoire. A mixture of repertoire including classical, pop, folk, contemporary and world music will be studied in order to allow students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of musical styles and periods. No experience is required for Choral Music 10.

Instrumental Music 10/20/30 (Concert Band) - 5 Credits

Music 10 -
Previous experience in band
Music 20 -50% in Music 10
Music 30 -50% in Music 20

Concert Band is a course for the continuing band student who has a minimum of two years of study on a band instrument either at a junior high school or through private instruction.

Through the performance and study of band literature, students will increase technical skills and gain competence in performing and appreciating music as an artistic form of expression.

Jazz Ensemble 15/25/35 - 3 Credits

This course is outside the regular timetable.
In addition to the rehearsal and performance of jazz music, students will focus on listening to jazz, improvisation skills, history and technique. This ensemble will consist of traditional jazz ensemble instrumentation (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, guitar and bass), as well as non-traditional instrumentation, including flute, clarinet, and valve trombone. This ensemble is open to students who are concurrently enrolled in Instrumental/General Music 10, 20 or 30, and possibly by audition as the music director sees necessary.

Guitar 10/20/30 - 5 Credits

Never picked up a guitar? Know a few chords? Been playing for years?
The Jasper Place Guitar program is designed for guitarists of all levels and covers reading and playing notes, chord techniques including both open and barre chord styles, fingerpicking and strumming techniques, and the exploration of various musical styles from classical to rock. The opportunity to expand your musical experience is also available to those interested in singing or playing bass guitar, drums, and keyboard. The ability to play guitar is a skill you will use for the rest of your life. Don't miss out. No experience is required for Guitar 10.

Music Technology 30 - 5 Credits

Music Technology 30 covers foundations, practices, and creative techniques in audio recording and music production. Through the use of various Digital Audio Workstations in the computer lab students will develop their musical potential in a range of areas such as basic sound recording, audio and MIDI editing, sequencing, processing and production, synthesis and sampling, effects and mixing and graphical programming. Student projects will cover everything from simple loop based compositions and voice overs all the way to a final project that consists of a fully produced song or composition. This is a course for experienced music students who have taken at least a 10 level music course or who have the permission of the instructor to enroll.

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