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ALERT: Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning. Learn more. 



Career & Technology Courses

Dept. Head:  Cheryl Boos

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Automotives 10-20-30

Automotives provides students with a hands-on experience working with all aspects of automotives and equipment. You will work within the classroom and in the shop on vehicle maintenance projects.

Building Construction 10-20-30

If you're the next Mike Holmes, the Building Construction program will allow you to develop skills in construction techniques. With a focus on safety, hands-on projects will give you experience in woodworking, carpentry and building construction.
Cosmetology 10-20-30
The Cosmetology program provides students with the opportunity to experience all levels of hair styling and esthetics. In a project-based environment, you will work on forming, finishing and designing of hair, trichology, manicures, dermatology and facials. Apprenticeship opportunities available.
Culinary Arts 10-20-30
You'll have the opportunity to learn all aspects of commercial foods production in the Culinary Arts program. In a project-based environment, you will work on food and baking basics, fast foods, stocks and soups, sauces and basic meal production. Bon appétit! Apprenticeship opportunities available.
Fashion Studies 10-20-30
Fashion Studies provides students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of fashion, sewing and style. In a project-based environment, you will create, draw, sew and analyze fashion. Step aside Michael Kors!
Food Studies 10-20-30
If you're a foodie who loves the gastronomic experience, or if you simply want to improve your skills, Food Studies will give you a unique opportunity to cook and menu plan. Covering food safety, nutrition and food preparation, this course will allow you to develop your technique and confidence in the kitchen.
Media Communication Technology 10-20-30
In Media Communication Technology, you'll be introduced to the communication industry with experience in print and media production, including digital photography, silk-screening, videography and JPTV. 
Welding 10-20-30
Students learn fundamental welding techniques using different types of industry equipment in Welding. You'll develop skills in workplace safety, metal fabrication, design, service and repair using oxy-acetylene, electric arc, power and hand tools.

Marketing & Management 10-20-30
Business Technology prepares you for a future in business and commerce. The course provides opportunities to develop confidence using business-oriented computer technologies in various areas including, marketing and management, finance, entrepreneurship and information technologies.

Computer Science 10-20-30
Introducing the key concepts of Computer Science, this course is valuable preparation for students interested in pursuing a career in computer science, computer engineering, programming or Internet publishing. This program is also offered at an Honours level allowing students to take university-level studies.

Design Studies 10-20-30
Students experience industrial and architectural design using freehand sketching, technical drawing and computer assisted design (CAD) in Design Studies, allowing them to build the skills necessary for a career in architecture, building methods and interior and landscape design.

Web Design 10-20-30
Concentrating on computer-based interactive media design, production and distribution, students in the Web Design program acquire skills required for a career in art and design, computer graphics, 3-D design and web design.

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