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Career & Technology Courses

Dept. Head:  Cheryl Boos

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Animation 10-20-30
Animation is a course that merges technology and art using various digital mediums in both 2D and 3D. Students acquire skills required to train for a future as a graphic designer, graphic artist or animator. Throughout the course students are encouraged to develop their technical and artistic skills, knowledge and attitudes. This course utilizes the latest technologies and industry software packages such as Autodesk 3D studio max and Adobe Creative Suite.
Baking & Pastry Arts 10-20-30
Do you have artistic flair? Do you enjoy creating edible pieces of art? We can help you explore your interest in the art of baking and take it to the next level with the Jasper Place Baking and Pastry Arts Apprenticeship program! This program, taught by professional pastry chefs, combines a real-world hands-on approach to the science of baking through the creation of artisan breads, cookies, pastries, cakes and showpieces! Students learn the equivalent of a first year apprenticeship, spread over Baking 10, 20, and 30, and are involved in catering, charity, and specialty orders within the community. Come join our team of avid bakers!
Communication Technology 10-20-30
Take your creativity to the next level with this hands on approach to photography and design. Express yourself in fun and creative ways, while working with professional level digital cameras and photography equipment. Learn to use graphic design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to produce posters, T-shirts, banners, stickers, videos and many more awesome projects. You will also be able to use your creativity and contribute to JP’s culture by developing the school yearbook and JPTV.
Computing Science 10-20-30
Have you ever thought ‘I could make that better’ as you used an app or played a video game? Have you ever wondered how the game could beat you? In this class, you can start knowing nothing or a lot about programming. We learn the basics of programming in any language, how to code for hardware, the secrets of AI, and how programs learn. We specialize in Java after the introductory course but we finish each course with an individually designed project or game. We have 2 streams after the introductory class: regular or AP. Take the AP for the extra challenge level and University credits.
Don’t forget Computing Science 30 is considered a second science for post-secondary entrance.
Construction Technology 10-20-30
Construction Technology will allow you to develop skills in construction techniques. With a focus on safety, hands-on projects will give you experience in woodworking, carpentry and building construction.  
Cosmetology (Interest or Career) 10-20-30
Explore the exciting world of beauty and join our Cosmetology Program at Jasper Place. Cosmetology students learn the latest styles and techniques in order to enhance their own beauty and that of others. Students have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of hairstyling, cutting, colouring, extensions and other aspects of professional grooming as they progress throughout the Interest Cosmetology 10-20-30 Program. Due to the flexible nature of the Interest Cosmetology Program students who are passionate about pursuing a career in Hairstyling are able to transfer to our Career Cosmetology Program. Upon successful completion of the Career Cosmetology Program students qualify to receive up to $5,000 in grants.
Culinary Arts (Interest or Career) 10-20-30
Are you a foodie?  Do you love eating out and wish you could recreate those restaurant dishes?  The Culinary Arts Program at Jasper Place is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the fast paced foods industry.  We provide students with the foundational skills and techniques to pursue a cooking career or simply teach industry techniques to create fantastic dishes.  Students experience real life training in an industrial kitchen, mentored by journeyman chefs.  You will have the option to choose either the Interest stream or Apprenticeship Career stream after completion of the introductory level. 
Design Studies 10-20-30
Students learn architectural and industrial design using freehand sketching, technical drawing and industry standard computer-assisted design software such as Sketchup, AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor, allowing them to build the skills necessary for post-secondary institutions in architecture, design and engineering. Students will complete projects that are engaging and real-life.
Esthetics 20-30
Start your journey in the ever-changing Spa & Beauty Industry and join our Esthetic 20 and 30 Program at Jasper Place High School. Esthetics students learn techniques offered in Spas today in order to meet the latest beauty trends. Students registered in the Esthetics Program develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding proper manicuring, pedicuring, nail art, facials, hair removal, make-up and body adornment applications.
Fabrication Studies/Welding 10-20-30
Do you want to melt steel with fire and electricity? Students will learn fundamental welding techniques using different types of industry equipment. You’ll develop skills in workplace safety, metal fabrication, design, service and repair using oxyacetylene, electric arc, CNC plasma and power and hand tools.

Fashion Studies 10-20-30
Come explore your inner fashionista while turning your style ideas into reality. This class will nurture your creativity in fashion while providing you the foundation in both practical and technical skills. You will learn garment construction, pattern drafting, fashion illustration, redesigning and upcycling, long arm quilting and explore different textiles and accessories. This will be a springboard for a trendsetting student into the fast-pace fashion industry. No previous sewing experience is needed.
Foods 10-20-30
Do you love food? Food Studies provides students with the unique opportunity to develop their cooking and baking skills while learning about nutrition, cooking techniques and food safety. Students receive hands on opportunities to develop their confidence in everything from preparing and cooking meats and vegetables, to learning different baking methods. Food studies provides students with the skills necessary to cook for themselves and their families for years to come.
Marketing & Management 10-20-30
Ever dream of owning your own company? Management & Marketing is an exciting, engaging course that provides students with the opportunity to develop confidence using business-related information technologies. Students will understand the importance of budgeting, communicating using industry techniques, marketing and promotions, and will create their own exclusive business plans.
Mechanics 10-20-30
Do you like learning about and working on cars? Mechanics gives you the practical opportunity to perform a variety of services on static displays and customer vehicles with a hands-on experience.