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‌Be a Rebel. Be at JP.

Success for Every Student
Jasper Place is a school of diversity. Diversity of courses, clubs, activities, and remarkable opportunities. Diversity of individual interests and abilities. Our strength comes from celebrating this diversity and from a shared identity: we are Rebels. As JP Rebels we embrace a challenge with unrelenting determination to do better, try harder, question the status quo, and take risks. We are curious and bold in our steps forward.

JP students are confident because they know they are supported. We provide opportunities that are right for your individual needs and support you in working towards achieving your goals. Teachers and students at our school have an established relationship of trust and respect and that means every JP student, regardless of capability or aspiration, will be supported in their chosen path. (And if you need a little help navigating that path, we can help with that too!) Success for every student is our guiding principle and we are confident that with our unparalleled program offering, nationally recognized student leadership initiatives, and dedicated, award-winning staff, you will achieve success at Jasper Place.

We're eager to have you join us, and I encourage you to contact me with any questions at 780-408-9000 or david.morris@epsb.ca

Be a Rebel. Be at JP.

David Morris,


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Jasper Place Philosophy


JPHS 2019-20 Assessment Plan

Student Rights & Responsibilities

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