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Learning Centre

Jasper Place hosts a number of programs in addition to our traditional high school academic pathway to provide individualized support to all members of our diverse student body. Here are a few of the programs and courses we offer to help students with unique learning needs. 

English Language Learning (ELL) Program
The ELL program is designed for students whose primary language is not English. While ELL students have much in common with other students, they often have additional needs that come with learning a new language and adapting to a new culture. This program enables students to become effective communicators in the English language, allowing them to develop their skills and gain confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Knowledge & Employability (K&E) Program
Courses in the K&E program are designed to provide experiential learning to enhance the development of skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematical literacy for immediate transition to the workplace. Eligible students are provided with individualized programming that remains flexible over the course of the year. Students who successfully complete the K&E program earn the Alberta Certificate of Achievement.

Learning Strategies 15-25-35
The Learning Strategies program at Jasper Place provides assistance to students in a regular program who may be experiencing academic difficulty in their core courses. Students are identified as those who benefit from receiving support in all subject areas through the use of instructional and learning strategies including effective writing and note-taking, homework and study skills, exam preparation, self advocacy, organizational skills and time management.

Programming for Academic Student Success (PASS) Program
The PASS program provides extended transitioning in a structured and supportive environment for students in their first year of high school, particularly in the areas of English and Social Studies. PASS offers a full course schedule and is available for students identified as having experienced difficulty with their studies in junior high school. The level of support is dependent on student need, and can lead to a high school diploma recognized by Alberta Education. With limited enrolment, students wishing to make a commitment to this program must complete an application.