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Mental Health Awareness Week

May 1 - Hats On for Mental health Day

May 6-10 - Mental Health Awareness Week lunch activities

May 9 - Mental Health Fair in the East Gym (Blocks 1 &2)

For more information about Mental Health week: Mental Health Week Information for Parents



Goals of the STAR Program

  • Offer wrap-around services with a team of specialists who work together, on site, so it's easier for students and their families to access services they need
  • Promote positive mental health through speakers, presentations, and fairs
  • Reduce stigma so youth and families are not afraid to access mental health supports
  • Develop innovative and creative programming to meet the individual needs of the school, such as Boys Group, Mindfulness Group and Leading Spirits
  • Promote a healthy view of education and facilitate success in school
  • Increased cultural connections for Aboriginal students
  • Successful transition to high school 


Our Mission

To promote mental and physical health in students by increasing the coping behaviors, knowledge and skills for youth to enable them to make better choices and adopt behaviors to protect their mental and physical health. Ultimately, we want to build relationships between students, educators and support agencies and be proactive in our approach to assisting students in developing life long skills.

The STAR Program is one of 37 projects in a province-wide Mental Health Capacity building in Schools Initiative. The initiative is led by AHS-Addiction and Mental Health in partnership with Alberta Education and other partners with funding from Alberta Health and Wellness.


Success Coaches 

  • Act as mentors, supporters and advocates for students
  • Build strong relationships so students feel comfortable approaching an adult about their mental health concerns
  • Help students to feel connected to the schoolSupport youth with transitioning into a new grade and/or school
  • Support youth to develop a sense of identity and cultural awareness
  • Engage families to participate in their child’s learning
  • Regular check-ins with students in order to maintain a connection, while trying to cause the least amount of disruption to their in-class instruction
  • Connect youth and families to outside supports/service


Our Staff


Nancy Metcalfe                                               Lyle Tootoosis                                                                                             

Department Head, STAR Program                  Aboriginal Liaison                                      

Nancy.Metcalfe@epsb.ca                              Lyle.Tootoosis@epsb.ca           



Nikki Houde                                                      Melissa Turcsanyi

Success Coach                                                  Success Coach

nikki.houde@partner.epsb.ca                         melissa.turcsanyi@partner.epsb.ca


Phil Eidick

Success Coach


Roots & Wings: Oscar Sanchez & Querida Quarshie

Mental Health Therapist: Erin Newman

Addictions Counsellor: Lisa Kimmerly