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Information Technoloogy


Business Technology

Business Technology 10-20-30
Business Technology prepares you for a future in business and commerce. The course provides opportunities to develop confidence using business-oriented computer technologies in various areas including, marketing and management, finance, entrepreneurship and information technologies.


Computer Science

Computer Science 10-20-30
Introducing the key concepts of Computer Science, this course is valuable preparation for students interested in pursuing a career in computer science, computer engineering, programming or Internet publishing. This program is also offered at an Honours level allowing students to take university-level studies.


Design Studies

Design Studies 10-20-30
Students experience industrial and architectural design using freehand sketching, technical drawing and computer assisted design (CAD) in Design Studies, allowing them to build the skills necessary for a career in architecture, building methods and interior and landscape design.


Web Design

Web Design 10-20-30
Concentrating on computer-based interactive media design, production and distribution, students in the Web Design program acquire skills required for a career in art and design, computer graphics, 3-D design and web design.