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Alternative Programs

English Language Learning

The ELL program is designed for students whose primary language is not English.  The ELL program enables students to gain confidence and develop their skills in speaking, reading, writing, listening and viewing.  Students will build the individual skills necessary for high school graduation.

Jasper Place English Language Learner Class Descriptions

ELL Level 1
Students develop their conversational skills by learning common English phrases, vocabulary and grammar to assist in their day to day activities. Students are also introduced to the culture and customs of Canadian society. 

ELL Level 2
Students continue to develop their conversational skills by learning common English phrases and idioms.  Students also begin to use literature and various media to acquire vocabulary and communicate their understanding.  Students express their understanding using various writing genres and continue to learn more about Canadian cultures and customs. 

ELL Level 3
Students acquire academic vocabulary and idioms from literature and other media.  Through a variety of writing genres, students focus on the use of academic vocabulary.  This is also infused in the reading, writing, listening and speaking components of the language acquisition.  Canadian culture and customs will continue to be explored.  Successful completion of ELL Level 3 will allow students to register in Social 10-2.

ELL Level 4
Students acquire more academic vocabulary and idioms from literature and media to refine their writing, listening, reading and speaking skills.  Through the exploration of complex literary genres, students express opinions, analyze and respond to literary works.  Canadian culture and customs will continue to be explored.  Successful completion of ELL Level 4 will allow students to register in both Social 10-2 and English 10-2.

While taking any of these classes, students may also take ESL CALM 20, ESL Learning Strategies 15 and/or ESL Learning Strategies 25.

School and Community Partnerships.

Students involved in English Language Learning interact first-hand with Canadian culture through:

  • Involvement with Canadian peers in Jasper Place High School Student Leadership.
  • Work shops, activities and fieldtrips hosted by Action for Healthy Communities
  • Career and life planning with Edmonton Public Schools Consultants.
Various school teams, clubs and organizations.

Programming for Academic Student Success (PASS)

(Programming for Academic Student Success)

The PASS program provides extended transitioning and support to Grade 10 students, particularly in the areas of English and Social Studies.  There is an application process for students wishing to make a commitment to this program

Knowledge and Employment Program

The Knowledge and Employability Program will enable students who successfully complete this program to earn the Alberta certificate of Achievement.  The courses in this program are designed to provide experiential learning to enhance the development of skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematical literacy immediate for transition to the workplace.  Eligible students are provided with individualized programming that remain flexible over the course of the year.


Learning Studies

This sequence of courses allows students with the opportunity to explore various learning styles, develop organizational skills, note-taking strategies, time management, reading comprehension and exam preparation.  These skills will assist students in their other courses.