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Grad 2017

11 January 2017


Smart Photography will be in room 188 February 7-17, 2017 to take graduation photographs.

Online Booking instructions are available now.  See below for online booking instructions.

Retakes will take place February 27-March 1.


Only pictures taken during this time period, through Smart Photography, will be in the yearbook and on the composite image hung in the hallway.  There is a $25 sitting fee if you want photo proofs for purchase.  Grads should get their photos taken for the yearbook and composite photo even if they are not ordering photos through Smart Photography.  There is no sitting fee for this service and no appointment necessary. Come to room 188 prepared for the photographers to quickly fit you in between bookings.


Group photos with friends will be available to book for March 7 beginning in February.  Grad Council members will have a table set up in the main hallway to allow grads to make appointments.  There is a $5 sitting fee per group for this additional service, which is a grad fundraiser.


Please plan ahead and do not miss your sitting time as space fills up very quickly and we may not be able to accommodate you later on.   If there are no more spaces available, you will need to go to the Smart Photography studio for your photos. To purchase your grad photos you must have no outstanding fees.



May 8-19: Commencement ticket sales

  • Ticket prices for guests are $10 (general seating).
  • Tickets can be purchased at the school Kiosk, before and after school, and at lunch at the same time that the gown rental fee is paid.  Students will receive their tickets when they pick up their cap and gown and parking passes, in June.  NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED
  • There will be a 10-ticket limit for each student.  Once all students have had the opportunity to purchase their tickets, the rest will go on sale at the Kiosk to any students requiring more
  • Graduating students do NOT need to purchase a ticket for themselves


June 1-20: Banquet ticket sales

  • Ticket prices are $95.
  • Tickets for the banquet will be sold online.  A link to the website will be available on SchoolZone beginning at 11:00am on June 1and will run until midnight on June 20. Students must be on the grad list and have no outstanding fees to access the site to purchase tickets.
  • Debit, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted.  NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED
  • Students have the opportunity to fundraise for their own banquet tickets during the cookie dough fundraiser and accounts will be credited before purchase.
  • There are 10 seats per table so plan ahead with family and friends



Cap and gown rental orders and measurements will take place May 8-12, at lunch in the main hallway near the cafeteria and Kiosk.  It is organized by last name:

Monday, May 8: A-E

Tuesday, May 9: F-L

Wednesday, May 10: M-R

Thursday, May 11: S-Z

  • You must be on the grad list to be measured for a gown
  • The $75 rental fee is non-refundable and needs to be paid at the Kiosk right after being measured.  Commencement tickets can be purchased for guests at the same time.  NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED
  • GOWN PICK UP: Gowns can be picked up at the school June 21 (10am-3pm), June 22 (10am-3pm), and June 23 (3-4:30pm) *commencement tickets and 2 parking passes will be given out at this time also
  • Gowns and stoles MUST be returned after the ceremony is completed on June 28, to the same location as name cards were picked up.



Grad clothing options are chosen by the Grad Council members and are a grad fundraiser.  Samples will be available and orders can be made in the main hallway near the cafeteria in December or January (first round), or April (second round).  Students will receive an email notice when their clothing is ready to be picked up.  Payments and orders are collected at the Kiosk.  The deadline for clothing orders is TBA



In March, students have the ability to fundraise for their own grad banquet tickets by selling boxes of delicious frozen cookie dough and trays of muffins.  Forms and information will be available from the Student Leadership room or Student Services.  For every 15 boxes of cookie dough a student sells, they get one free banquet ticket.  Students will have their accounts credited when purchasing banquet tickets online.  There is no limit to the number of free tickets each student can earn so get the word out!  The date for cookie dough pick up is TBA



An after school fundraiser event on March 9, 2017.  If you are interested in modeling clothing, there will be an opportunity to sign up in early February.  There will be clothing modeled from a variety of local shops, as well as displays from companies providing typical graduation products and/or services.



Each year, a team of professional videographers create an amazing video compilation of all major school events taking place September through June.  Grade 12 students are encouraged to participate in school and graduation events and be a part of this video.  The videographers will be filming in grade 12 classrooms and specific scenes April 5-6 and grade 12 students can sign up to participate with friends.  Videos can be ordered the night of the banquet or through the school accounting office/Kiosk for $20 any time.  If you require your video to be mailed to you there is an additional $5 charge.  Grad videos will be available for pick up from the school at the same time that yearbooks are ready for pick up.



Jostens Canada will have a complete selection of class rings and memorabilia on display November 3-4 and 9, February TBA, and May TBA in the main hallway near the cafeteria.



All entertainment for the commencement and banquet celebrations is performed by JP students.  Students will be invited to audition for a chance to perform.  Auditions will take place TBA.



The Valedictorian is a student selected by Administration for their demonstration of high academic achievement combined with involvement in leadership, athletic, and/or other extra-curricular activities throughout their high school career.



Class Historians are selected by the Grad Council to review the past three years at Jasper Place High School.  This speech is presented at the Banquet.



Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Hall D

Doors open at 5:00pm and the program begins at 6:00pm. Grauduates must be downstairs in Hall D by 5:30pm


Students proceed to the tables in the main EXPO walkway to pick up their name card for line up and announcing purposes.  No other items should be in their hands when they enter the hall and head downstairs by 5:30pm.


A professional photographer has been contracted by the school to take pictures of the students as they cross the stage.  To ensure that all graduates and their families enjoy the ceremonies, photographs may only be taken from seats.  The photographs will be available for pickup at the banquet the following evening, free of charge.  If you are not attending the banquet, the photographs will be at the school office the following day for pickup.


For assistance and wheelchair access, please make contact with any Northlands EXPO staff upon drop off at the main doors.



Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Hall G-H

Doors open at 6:00pm and the program begins at 7:00pm

The dance will commence directly after the Grand March and will continue until 11:00pm.